Almond oil for a glowing skin
Almond oil is a very popular vegetable oil with more medicinal values. In Aromatherapy, this oil is being used as the base oil. Almond oil can be used for any purpose especially for skin care, hair care and body massage.

This oil is absorbable and gives soft glowing touch to skin when applied regularly. It helps in balancing the moisture in skin and also restores it. This is the best lubricant and therefore aids in fighting inflammation and itching. Almond oil is a wonderful natural moisturizer that suits all types of skin.

Almond oil helps in a better way to condition skin and revive the natural glow for it. It best improves the skin complexion and helps to get young look when used regularly. The skin will get nourished when applied properly, because the concentration of linoleic and oleic are high, which are the fatty acids that are essential.

Almond oil, apart from giving glowing skin, it also helps to cure certain skin problems like soothing skin irritation, it delays the process of aging, lightens the dark circles around the eyes, relieves itching and dry skin, makes the skin soft, cure body rashes and chapped lips. The content of Vitamin E is rich in Almond oil.
To get better result and glowing skin, Almond oil must be properly used. Before using this oil for face, wash your face well using facial cleanser and normal water and warm the required oil with hands by rubbing it together. Now apply on face by using upward circular motions. You can also use it on lips to avoid chapping. By doing this regularly, you can get glowing skin.

Almond oil can be used following various methods to get glowing skin. They include direct steam method, quick wet cloth and scrub method. In the direct steam method, take some hot water in the bowl, cover head with towel and try to keep your face at a comfortable distance, not very close to the bowl.

Rinse your face after steam is over with lukewarm water. In the quick wet cloth method, apply almond oil on face. Wet the cloth with warm water and place it over face and keep it for few minutes. Now use wet cloth to wipe. In the scrub method, almond oil can be used with other ingredients to make the skin exfoliate. Salt or sugar can be used for this.