Carrot juice to enhance your skin Carrot juice is supposed to be excellent for skin care. The best part being that carrot juice can actually be used in a number of ways to keep your skin glowing. Carrot juice is known to be rich in potassium and calcium and Vitamin C & A. A glass of carrot juice has only 90 calories in it, making it a healthy drink. There are many ways by which carrot juice can enhance your skin and give it a healthy glow that you always desired.

One of the most effective ways to make one's skin glow is load up on anti-oxidants. By providing anti-oxidants to our body, we help them to get rid of toxic elements and facilitate the process of renewal of damaged cells. All this can be attained with the help of carrot juice. Carrot juice is known to have rich anti-oxidants in them which aids in making the skin glow and look younger.

Carrots are also known to contain a special kind of anti-oxidant called carotenoid. This antioxidant goes a long way to keep your skin glowing all the yearlong. These anti-oxidants are most beneficial, when the body is exposed to sun for long hours and gets tanned easily.

Carrot Juice is an excellent lightening agent. Apply carrot juice on blemishes and leave it overnight. Over a period of time, you will realize that the scars and blemish have faded out and blended with the rest of the skin.

In order to get instant glowing skin, it is important to keep the body hydrated. Carrot juice once a day is known to ensure that the body stays hydrated all day long.However , in order to keep your skin glowing , only carrot juice will not suffice to hydrate it, you also have to drink loads of water to ensure that your body is hydrated adequately.

One of the benefits of drinking carrot juice on a daily basis is that it contains certain anti-inflammatory properties that help to rejuvenate the skin from within and heal the damaged cells. This process lends you a smooth glowing skin that we all desire for.

In short, carrot juice is beneficial for skin care. The best way to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients from carrot juice is by gulping down one glass of carrot juice daily. You can enhance the properties by adding an apple and beet root into the mixture. This mixture would guarantee to leave you with glowing skin.