Make your skin glowing with honey Honey is said as liquid gold for its wonderful health benefits and skin care. Since ancient times, honey is being used for many health benefits. Honey is made from the nectar by bees and it is very delicious. Honey can be used as the best cleanser. Just take few drops of lemon juice with finely ground almonds and mix it with honey and apply on face. This functions as the best cleanser. Honey is being used by young girls and women for skin care. It is the natural organic substance which does not contain any preservative or chemical. This is an absolute natural ingredient for health and skin care. Honey is found to be a vital ingredient by the chemists for using in the skin care products.

You can now find honey in many skin care products in the form of cream, shower gels, hair conditioners and in many other forms. Honey provides good nutrition for skin due to its high nutrients content. Due to the humectant state, it provides hydration and it provides anti bacterial effect as it contains sugar in it. The presence of antioxidants makes honey as the best anti- aging ingredient.

Honey has the values of making the skin soft and glowing. It is the best moisturizer to hydrate and soften the skin. Its humectant value helps preserving water in the skin and therefore aids hydration. It helps in getting acne prone skin as it acts as the best antibacterial substance.

It can inhibit the growth of bacteria and will therefore reduce the breakouts. Honey contains many healthy vitamins like B and C, amino acids and minerals. These contents in honey are very essential to help the skin keep nourished, healthy, soft and glowing. Honey rejuvenates skin and makes it healthy.

Honey can be used for any type of skin. To get radiant, soft and supple skin, take honey bath by adding honey to bath. By taking honey bath, the skin will remain glowing and soft. You can also add milk, vitamin E liquid into bathing water to make it more effective.

To cure dry skin and get natural moisturizing, mix honey, vegetable with lemon juice and apply over the skin. Then leave it for 15 minutes and rinse with normal water. Honey can also be used for making home made moisturizing mask. Mix honey with egg yolk, almond oil and yoghurt, make it into paste and apply on face.