Olive oil for glowing skin Olive oil has got many medicinal benefits for skin care. It is rich in Vitamin E which is very essential for getting glowing and healthy skin. Olive oil contains polyphenols that prevents aging problem and this gives protection for the skin from radicals. Olive oil can be used for any type of skin like sensitive skin, oily skin or dry skin. Olive oil is rich in all types of vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients that are very essential for the human body. It can either be taken with food or used on the skin.

Olive oil contains squalene, which is the natural moisturizer. Squalene has an incredible ability to regulate secretion of sebum. It will control sebum, and therefore many skin problems can be avoided.

The presence of chlorophyll in olive oil will help to heal wounds and scars. This is therefore very effective in reducing acne and blemishes on skin. Olive oil is easily available in all stores and it is less expensive too.

Olive oil can be used for treating broken and flaky skin. To get glowing skin, take few drops of olive oil with mashed avocados and apply on face. Do this three times in a week to get better result. You can also make face pack using egg yolk, flour and olive oil and apply on face, then wash off using lukewarm water after few minutes.

Doing this will keep your skin look young and glowing. In the case of oily skin, olive oil can be used for cleansing and moisturizing. This will help to prevent skin problems like blackheads, acne, cysts, blemishes and open pores. To treat oily skin, take a cup of oatmeal mixed with sour milk, sea salt and olive oil. Apply on skin and leave it for few minutes and wash it.

There are different types of olive oil that can be used for treating various skin problems. The Organic extra virgin olive oil is rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins. This comes from first pressing. The second pressing gives virgin oil but it contains less antioxidants and nutrients.

The pure olive oil will contain only less vitamins and nutrients when compared to virgin oil and the extra light oil is the result of many processing and it does not contain more vitamins. Therefore, choosing the olive oil based on its type and the skin requirement will help to cure any skin problem and get glowing skin forever.