Sandalwood powder for glowing skin Sandalwood powder is well known for its opulent scent and exotic origins. This powder is associated with perfumes more often. Sandalwood powder has got long history especially for skin care. This is the well known medicinal herb and it has been used for long to treat any skin infection, acne, rashes. This is also used for anti- aging. It helps to reduce or prevent wrinkles and adds radiance in the facial skin. Sandalwood powder is the best skin care ingredient with anti- inflammatory and anti microbial properties. The fragrance that sandalwood powder has is built in.

Sandalwood powder is also used as paste and oil for skin care. To get a very clear and glowing skin, mix the sandalwood powder with some rose water and make it into a paste. Then apply it over face and neck and wash it after 10 minutes with water. This will help to get rid of any blemishes on skin and heal any inflammation. By doing this, regularly you can get glowing skin.

Regular application of sandalwood power will give a significant improvement on skin and you can get flawless skin. The sandalwood powder paste can also be applied on forehead when you have headache. This will relieve you from headache quickly. It has the ability to relieve any irritability, anxiety, stress and any related ailments.

Sandalwood powder gives softening effect for the skin. It reduces or cures rough and patchy skin and gives smooth complexion. To effectively get this result, mix some sandalwood powder with almond or coconut oil and make it into a paste. Then apply this on the face and let it dry for few minutes. Then rinse your face using warm water. By doing this, the sun tan and sun burns can also be removed.

Sandalwood powder is the best natural ingredient to solve problems like skin allergies, skin rashes and burns. It also helps to cure psoriasis, eczema, flaky and dry skin. The burning sensation due to insect bites can also be cured using sandalwood powder.

Sandalwood powder can be used for any type of skin regardless of oily, dry or sensitive skin. It has many antiseptic properties. It will reduce skin pores on the oily skin and will keep it tight. Combining sandalwood powder with turmeric powder will give best result on acne and many other related problems. This will help to remove blackheads.